List of recent works and performances

2000Feral Harps for orchestra. Commissioned and performed by the Northampton symphony orchestra.

2005Whirligig for wind ensemble. Commissioned and performed by Wendlebury winds.

2008Reveal the Monkey for choir and accompaniment. Performed by the
Icarus choir, Birmingham Conservatoire

2009Where does car go when it die for small ensemble. Performed by Decibel, Birmingham Conservatoire

2010Son of Metta Vee for strings. work-shopped and performed by BCMG, Symphony hall, Birmingham.

20107th Heaven for piano solo. performed by Mami Shikimori, Holywell music room, Oxford.

2011Bending glass for bassoon and strings.
Performed by Susanna Perkins and the Oxford Proms orchestra at the Sheldonian theatre, Oxford.

2012 Turn Crank for string quartet. Performed by the Boult quartet, Adrian Boult hall, Birmingham.

2012Moves moves for small ensemble. Performed by Decibel, Birmingham Conservatoire.

2012Cherubim and paraffin for 7 players.
Performed at the Holywell room, Oxford by Ensemble settecento, featuring Mami Shikimori on piano and Catriona scott on clarinet.

2013The fiddler of Dooney for soprano and violin. Performed by Rosie Aldridge with the composer at the Holywell music room, Oxford.

2014Metta Vee  for string orchestra, bass guitar, and 5-string electric violin. Work-shopped and recorded at Headington school, Oxford. Ensemble, led by the composer on electric violin, and featuring players from the Orchestra of the swan, and the CBSO.

2015A Veil of Crimson & Blue for Wind ensemble and percussion (9 players). Performed by the Oxford Proms Orchestra at the Sheldonian theatre, Oxford.

2016Dithyramb for clarinet, viola, strings & percussion
performed by the Oxford Proms Orchestra at the Sheldonian theatre,

2017Quincurilla for solo Viola
(Premiere to be given at St. Michael at the Northgate church,
Oxford on Wednesday 16th August by Emma Sheppard.)

2017Concerto for the Howarth-Redgate Oboe for oboe
and string orchestra. (Premiere to be given at the Sheldonian
theatre, Oxford on Saturday 19th August by Christopher Redgate with the Oxford Proms Orchestra.)

2018Clack for Bass Clarinet & Piano
Composed for Lucy Downer.